Trampolines For Sale

There are trampolines for sale everywhere. These days, you can even buy from online stores and auction sites. Buying online is often a convenient option because buyers don’t need to even lift a foot while making a purchase. They can put an order and simply wait at home for the product to be delivered.

You should understand though that shopping for a trampoline is no simple matter. You should want to get the one that will best fit your needs and expectations. Moreover, your choice should always be a prime example of a product that is made with user safety and enjoyment in mind. When looking for trampolines for sale online, your options may not always be clearly presented.

To make sure that you pick the right model, you need to know what you want first. Sometimes it is all a matter of taste. You might prefer a more traditional circular look or you might opt for an irregularly shaped one. In other cases though, functional considerations may be weightier. Indoor models are almost always smaller and less bouncy than outdoor models.

In some instances, it’s ok not to get the exact color or shape that you want. Safety features however can never be compromised. Unsafe designs can easily lead to serious injury especially for young users. Always check the integrity and durability of the mat, frame and springs of trampolines for sale before making a purchase. You should also consider getting a safety net and a spring cover or pad for added protection.

The Top 7 Trampolines For Sale at for 2010

Urban Rebounder Folding Trampoline Workout System

If you’re serious about using alternative workout equipment then this one’s for you. It’s obviously the added features that make this product one-of-a-kind. Aside from the mini-trampoline, you get to have all these exercise DVD’s for free. And the fact that the trampoline itself has a folding capability is a plus – you can pretty much bring it anywhere on a trip or to your friend’s house. You also don’t have to worry about how to store it. For less than $100, the quality you get from the remarkably sturdy springs is unbelievable.

Airzone 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline

Airzone 38-Inch Mini Band TrampolineThis product is one of the most resilient trampolines around, which is great for exercising on. The way the springs are made make this totally safe even for younger jumpers (no more stuff poking out!). After regular use (like a couple of years), a number of springs can go bad but it’s just as easy to find replacements for this product. Moreover, the unit is low on the ground, which makes it all the more safe for the kids.

Bazoongi 48 Inch Bouncer

The slightly bigger size of this trampoline is just perfect for the outdoors. It sure is a hit when it comes to children’s parties in the backyard. On the other hand it isn’t too big for the home either, it gives just enough space for the kids to jump around in. Setup is alright, but you might want to have someone else help you. The instructions are fairly very easy though, and you can do it yourself if you want. The padded support bar is a nice safety touch.

Bazoongi Kids 48 Inch Orange Camo Bouncer

It’s as good as the 2009 model, which was the blue one. The size is just right for young kids, where you don’t have to worry if they’re going to land on the springs or frame. Anyway the springs are fully concealed by a frame pad, and this is really important to parents. Speaking of the pad, it has improved from previous models: there are now polyester sleeves to conceal the foam handle to prevent the handle from peeling off. Overall this is a strong and safe unit for very energetic children.

Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline

Being triangular, you can just sort of lean it against the wall when not in use, without the unit toppling or rolling over. What really makes this product special is it’s all-in-one features. The kids can enjoy games and songs while using the trampoline. It can keep children as young as 3 preoccupied for a very long time. It’s a very well-planned, well-conceptualized and nicely put together unit. You won’t see it break apart after constant use. It may be a challenge to assemble alone, but once you see your child enjoy it to the fullest, it’s well worth it.

Pure Fun 14 Foot Trampoline

This product is very durable and does not rust as easily compared to other trampolines. You can tell the construction is quite heavy-duty, which makes the unit very resilient for the whole family. However, it is surprisingly easy to assemble, and it can take just an hour and a half to a couple of hours to put together. The trampoline can even be used for exercise when the weather is bad outside, since it is very well-balanced and the mat doesn’t give out easily.

Needak Rebounder – R20-Non-Folding Soft Bounce Platinum Blue Edition Trampoline

This model is ideal for those who have joint problems and other similar health issues. The quality can simply be felt, as the mat itself has a full, distinctively soft bounce to it unlike those that feel like sandbags. Maybe it’s the upgraded sewing patterns (the mat is heavily stitched) or the heavy grade springs – there are 36 of them in total, and not your ordinary spring design. The optional stabilizing bar is also a nice touch, so that anyone who is elderly or experiencing balance difficulties in your family can use the unit safely.

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