Trampoline Parts

Trampoline Spring Cover

A lot of parents would appreciate having a trampoline spring cover. If you own a trampoline, this may be one accessory that you would want to have too. This is because it can offer great protection for users of all ages.

Covers for springs are alternatively known as safety pads. A single full pad actually goes over the frame and springs. When installed correctly, a pad can help protect users from injuries due to improper landings. If a user accidentally falls on the frame, a good pad can prevent bumps, bruises and even bone breaks. As a spring cover, a pad can protect toes and fingers from getting caught by the springs and getting injured.

It’s important for a trampoline spring cover to fit your trampoline perfectly. Unlike safety nets, most pads cannot be adjusted to fit different models. Since trampolines have different sizes and appearances, custom made pads should be preferred. The first place to consider getting these is the manufacturer or distributor of your trampoline. They would most likely have custom accessories for each of their models.

If you can’t get one from the manufacturer, there are third party companies that sell pads. You would have to make sure though that you carefully measure your trampoline before ordering a pad for it. Incorrect measurements could damage a pad if you install it forcefully. Badly taken measurements could also reduce the protective ability of a pad.

Your trampoline spring cover truly is a great addition to your trampoline. A safe jumping experience always means more fun and enjoyment.