Trampoline Parts

Trampoline Safety Nets

It’s always a relief to have trampoline safety nets. With these protective accessories around your jumping equipment, you’d feel more at ease letting your kids have fun. Of course, maximum safety always depends on the right choice of netting.

Many net dealers will say their products will fit any trampoline. This may be true since most trampolines follow measurement and construction standards. Do take note though that trampolines still do differ in size and frame shape. Don’t take a manufacturer’s word at face value. Make sure you check that your trampoline’s measurements fit the available netting.

Nets should also be ideally attached instead of freestanding. This offers greater security in the event of near falls. It has also been suggested that trampoline safety nets should fit around and within a trampoline frame. Kids who don’t fall off but still hit the frame can still get injured. A net that excludes the surrounding frame offers better safety.

Look for a company that specializes in supplying trampoline accessories. You should ideally contact your trampoline maker first. This will increase the chances of you finding nets that are specifically made for your trampoline model. In case you consider buying from a different company, make sure you research on their products and reputation thoroughly.

Finding the best trampoline safety nets is not so hard. What can be difficult is making sure you don’t become overconfident because of these nets. No jumper should be allowed to perform jumps that are too advanced for his level. Young kids should also still be carefully supervised. Accidents can still happen within the jumping area even with netting around it.