Trampoline Parts

Trampoline Replacement Parts

You will not always need trampoline replacement parts. Like everything else however, trampolines and their various parts have a limited life span. They will eventually wear out. When this happens, you and your family could be placed in serious danger. Painful injuries could be the result of poorly functioning parts.

Fortunately, there are only four major parts you need to watch over. These are the mat, springs, pads and frame. Different brands may have various accessories. You may need to take individual note of these depending on your trampoline brand.

The frame is easily the most important part. This is because it supports all the other parts. Frame trampoline replacement parts should be made of a heavy material that is galvanized. Lightweight materials are often less safe. You’d want your trampoline to stay firmly rooted on the ground even with the most rambunctious users.

The springs should also be made of durable material. More importantly though, they should retain their ability to help jumpers bounce at every descent. Springs can get loosened or broken which is why they should be tested before actual extensive use.

The mat is perhaps the easiest to check. There should be no worn out areas. The spots that may wear out or tear easily include the sides and the center. You may need to replace an entire mat when some areas wear out. It could be an unpleasant experience to shoot through a trampoline mat.

Trampoline replacement parts also include pads. These are found over the springs and provide a cushioning protection for jumpers. Pads are also important for aligning users with the center of the mat.