Jumpking Trampoline Net

If you have a Jumpking trampoline, you should get a Jumpking trampoline net. This is an important rule that everyone should start following. It’s true that many different nets can fit different trampoline brands. You do have a better chance though of getting a net that will fit your trampoline perfectly if you buy the same brand. At Jumpking, you’re sure you’re getting the exact same quality for your net.

Why should you have a net in the first place? Although trampolines at Jumpking were manufactured with the top safety standards in mind, additional protection can do even more good. You can’t say for certain for example that a kid using an unenclosed trampoline will always stay within bounds. If there is a chance your child could fall, you need a Jumpking trampoline net.

It’s important to understand though that even the best kind of net should never be overestimated. You could be putting too much of your trust on a net when in fact, other accidents can happen while a kid uses a trampoline. Improper landings and incorrect trampoline use could still lead to serious injury. A net should therefore never be used to replace parental supervision. Sometimes, having a net can even increase the need for close guidance because kids can easily become too confident with a net around.

As a general rule, having a Jumpking trampoline net should not be a reason for having more than one kid on a trampoline. Kids should take turns on a trampoline and never use a single unit together. They should also be constantly reminded not to make advanced moves.

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