Springless Trampolines

Have you heard of springless trampolines? Not everyone has. That’s mainly because people truly are more used to the idea of jumping on trampolines with springs. These days though, those without springs have become a great alternative.

The term says it all. This modern trampoline model doesn’t use springs. There are however two different springless models. The first type simply replaces the steel springs with elastic bands but still resembles the appearance of traditional trampolines. The second model is entirely different in appearance. Only the mat is visible on the top surface. Rods attached from the mat to the frame underneath function in place of springs.

Springless trampolines were made for a good reason. According to some experts, there are inherent hazards to using trampolines with springs. The springs may injure toes and fingers if a jumper accidentally gets caught in them. Springs also rust, uncoil or get over stretched. This can hamper not only the jumping experience. Damages to the spring can also lead to serious accidents when they aren’t immediately replaced or repaired.

Traditional trampolines usually have pads or covers to go over springs. Some say this is not sufficient protection though. Toes can still accidentally slip under the cover. Pads too last for only a year or two before the springs get partially exposed again.

It may take you some time to adjust to the idea of springless trampolines. It may be worth your time and money to get one though. You might just find it a better buy than traditional trampolines.

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